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Roller skating:

  • burns up to 600 calories per hour?
  • is recognized by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports as one of the top three activities in the nation for all-round fitness?
  • improves balance, strength, agility and endurance?
  • is twice as safe as a playground?
  • is three times safer than football or baseball?
  • is four times safer than basketball?
  • is five times safer than bicycling?
  • improves blood circulation throughout the lungs, heart, and other organs?
  • is great for girls who are hesitant to participate in school sports or other physical education programs?
  • (63% of roller skating's 22 million annual participants are women!)
  • From The Rinksider - The Independent Voice of the Industry
  • Based on a study by the Consumer Product & Safety Commission
  • Survey completed by the National Sporting Goods Association
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