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Certificate of Insurance

Paul Howells & Natasha Wood

This certificate confirms the above person / company is insured as follows:

Outline of Cover

Period of Cover: FROM: 00:00 hrs on 30/07/2009    TO: 23:59 hrs on 29/07/2010
Policy Number: HOWEPA2/CERT / 39886
Policy Type: Leisure Combined
Insurer: Certain Underwriters at Lloyds
Business: The Provision Of Roller Discos

 Insurance Covers Applicable  Sums Insured/Limits of Indemnity
 Cover 10 - Public Liability   1M

Schedule of Insured Activities / Equipment

This page provides a very brief outline of the cover in place and does not purport to replace the Policy Document, Schedule of Insurance or subsequent Endorsement/s which contain therein the terms & conditions applicable.

Authorised signatory on behalf of Leisureinsure LLP

Mr Leigh Kendall
Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Date: 14:41:07 Sep 16 2009

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