Q. Which venues do you currently offer Roller Discos at?

A. As of January 2020 - we currently run events at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Leatherhead, Surrey (every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month) and also at Westcroft Leisure Centre, Carshalton, Surrey (every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month). There are occasionally exceptions to these dates so please check the calendar on our website or Facebook page first. 

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Our skates range from Junior size 8 to an Adult size 12, so we are able to cater for almost everyone! We have 2 year olds to 92, it really is something everyone can enjoy. Under 11's must be accompanied by an adult.

Q. Is all equipment provided?

A. Yes it is! Hire of skates, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads are included in the price (even if you have your own skates). They are there for everyone to help themselves to & clearly labelled on the front of the black storage boxes. We have Junior pads that are Labled Green & Senior (larger pads) that are Labled Orange.  Please ask a member of the team if you require any assistance. WE DO NOT SUPPLY HELMETS...but please feel free to bring your own! 

Q. Can I bring my own skates?

A. As long as they are serviceable and not likely to cause damage to the floor.......NO PROBLEM! They will be checked before entry. If the skater has inline skates we will place a small bit of duct tape on the rear stopper to stop it marking the floor.

Q. Do you teach people how to skate?

A. There are 3 basic rules for skating on our quad skates; 1. BEND YOUR KNEES, 2. LEAN FORWARDS & 3. STICK YOUR BOTTOMS OUT!

It really is as simple as that. We have a team of really friendly, helpful skate marshals, who are competent skaters and are more than willing to help you get to grips with the basics, so you, your family & friends can really enjoy the RocknRoller experience.

Q. Can I get group discounts?

A. Yes of course!....if your party is over 20 guests, we can in most cases reserve seating for large groups (first come, first served basis) so if you're a large group please email Natasaha at RocknRoller HQ on [email protected] at least a week before the event you require.

Q. Adult/Children Ratios?

A. We recommend a ratio of 1 Adult to 3 children for the Mini Rollers rink and 1 Adult to every 6 children for The Main Event Rink (if over 11). Whilst we always have plenty of staff on hand we cannot offer 1 to 1 help to everyone.

Q. Can we bring our own refreshments?

A. It all depends on the venue. Our sports centre venues have vending machines or cafe facilities for you to purchase refreshments. Private venues vary. If in doubt please email [email protected]

Q. What should I wear?

A. Whatever you want.....but bear in mind that skating is a sport and you will get hot! Everyone MUST wear socks but onesies, tutus, legwarmers and angel wings are optional!

Q. Can I bring a Birthday Cake?

A. Yes you may, but we will insist that you do this at the end of the session, once the music has stopped and the main lights are back on.  Please ask your guests to remove their skates first, as wheels and birthday cake are not a good combination!!

Q. What is the difference if I pre-book a party instead of having a VIP Party Package?

A. This is a very popular question; the main difference is the VIP Packages give customers and their guests a higher level of service with everything being done in advance for you. It's the "stress free" option for Mums & Dads!  You will have; your own reserved private seating area, your own party host/s to assist the guests with the correct fitting of their skates & safety equipment, all your skates and pads laid out and individually labelled for each guest before you arrive, unlimited drinks with colour coded labelled cups and a RocknRoller Birthday Card with a gift card offering 4 free passes for the Birthday Girl/Boy to come again, whenever they wish.

Please note: our VIP party packages are very popular and get booked up months in advance so early booking is recommended, please email Rochelle Natasha at our RocknRoller HQ [email protected] to check availability and book your next party.

The online pre-booking option gives you the chance to book tickets in advance and reserve your skates. You will also gain "priority fast track" entry in to the venue but will still have to queue at the hire desk to collect your skates. Once received you can then make your way to the pad boxes to collect your knee and elbow pads (if required). 

Online bookings can be made at any time in advance of an event, however please note; there is a 24 hour cut off for online bookings in place before the event date.  If you are booking for events on a Saturday please ensure you have booked online before 5pm on the Friday prior.  In all cases we recommend that you check the website at www.rocknrollerdisco.com or our regularly updated Facebook page to see if there are any changes to our normal session times or dates. 

Q. Do I have to skate as an adult?

A. No, you are more than welcome to walk around on the rink with your little ones! If however you get the urge to relive your childhood you can upgrade from a spectator to a super star skater, head to the front desk to upgrade your ticket, then grab a pair of skates from the hire desk and show them how it's done! 

Please note: we would always recommend reserving your skates in advance via our online booking system, as our events reglarly SELL OUT!

Q. What is the difference between the Mini Rollers Rink & Main Event Rink at Westcroft Leisure Centre?

A. The Mini Rollers Rink is for under 11's but parents are still allowed to skate or walk around on the rink to assist them. The Main Event is for over 11's, families and teenagers. They are both very friendly and have competent marshals on hand to help everyone, especially those who are still a bit wobbly on their feet.

Q. What sort of music do we play?

A. Anything in the TOP 40! Doesn't mean to say we don't have a few 80's and 90's songs up our sleeves to take you back. All our songs are the edited, clean versions and generally those played on any of the popular radio stations. Our DJ's are always happy to play any particular favourites, so don't be too shy to ask!

Q. How are we different from other Roller Discos?

A. We take the safety of our skaters very seriously. We provide all the safety gear, free of charge and have good quality, quad skates that are checked on a regular basis. Our staff are CRB/DBS checked and are on hand to assist with any problems or questions you may have. 

Our events are great fun (and exercise) and are really interactive helping to ensure all our customers leave with a smile and great memories. We play loads of games, offer dance routines and sing alongs and we try to involve everyone, young and old, able bodied and disabled, fit and not so fit.  What are you waiting for.....Get your skates on! 

Natasha, India & the RocknRoller Team xx  

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